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About The Dutchess County Democratic Committee

The Dutchess County Democratic Committee is comprised of the members of the 22 Town and City Democratic committees. Municipal committees are elected by voters who register as Democrats, every two years; multiple Democrats can run to represent a certain Election District in a community and such races are decided at the June primary.


Our local committees help County leadership understand what issues their towns are facing and what developments are occurring, and encourage and support candidates for Town Board, Mayor and Supervisor, Tax Receiver and Judges. They also assist with finding candidates for County Legislature, County Executive, District Attorney and NYS Assemblymembers and Senators.
Local committees are a resource for any questions about town or county government. Most meet regularly and welcome any registered Democrats from their municipalities.​


Dutchess Democrats believe in open and honest government where officials treat our citizens as equals, with fairness and respect.


Government at all levels must meet citizens where they are, whether through digital
means, mobile offices or traditional town halls. At every level of government, elected
officials should inform constituents about problems as they arise and provide residents
with timely, intelligent solutions to them. Elected leaders should take advantage of new
opportunities to grow and improve our communities, always within the scope of a
sensible and responsible budget.


Our committee members work to help citizens become more involved and informed.
We provide answers about how governments work, how individuals can volunteer for
boards and commissions and the specifics of elected officials’ responsibilities. Leaders
we elect will show sensitivity and respect for ALL citizens because people who make the
effort to voice their wants and needs deserve a government that listens attentively.


Dutchess Democrats support development that is sensitive to the wealth of natural and
historical resources that the Hudson Valley is renowned for. Elected officials should
make decisions that provide a balance between commercial interests and the aesthetic
qualities of our towns and cities while also respecting the diversity of our population.

Our Leadership

The Dutchess County Democratic Committee is a political organization dedicated to empowering the people in our community with the resources to make an informed decision. Our leadership team consists of a diverse group of individuals with a shared commitment to ensuring the voice of every citizen is heard.

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