The Dutchess County Democratic Committee (DCDC) is the elected body representing registered Democratic voters in Dutchess County. It is composed of two, three, or four enrolled Democratic voters from each of the county’s election districts. The committee recruits, endorses, and supports candidates for county, state, and national offices, as well as helping towns and cities with local races.




Up to 468 Democrats from Dutchess County are elected as committee members every two years.

Members within each of the 22 towns and cities organize and meet to address local issues and support local candidates.

The primary goal is to find, elect and support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

Get Involved

The Democratic committee is always looking for new members interested in getting involved and making a difference in their cities, towns, and beyond.
Contact your local chairperson or another committee member.
Attend a committee or town, city or county board meeting.
Support the campaigns of Democratic candidates on the ballot.
Volunteer to help make phone calls, knock doors and distribute literature.
Volunteer to be a Democratic Election Inspector or a Poll Watcher.
Attend Democratic Committee social events and fund-raisers.
Respond to fund-raiser appeals to help further the work of the Democratic Committee.
DCDC's officers:
Chair: Michael Dupree
Vice Chair: Sarah Brannen
Treasurer: Vincent Pedi
Secretary: Gillian Smith
PO Box 1652 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
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