As Democrats, we believe that good government exists to improve the quality of people’s lives

by protecting equal rights, ensuring public safety, providing vital services, supporting

economic development, and maintaining programs for the most vulnerable segments of the community.

As Democrats, we pledge to act and speak with integrity and civility, always striving for common

ground with those whose views are different.





What is the Dutchess County Democratic Committee?

The Dutchess County Democratic Committee is the elected body representing registered Democratic voters in Dutchess County. It is composed of two enrolled Democratic voters from each of the county’s election districts. All twenty towns and two cities are divided under State Election Law into election districts. The two enrolled Democratic voters must be residents of Dutchess County, but they are not required to live in the election district they represent. However, they must live in the N.Y.S. Assembly District in which the election district is located.

How can people get involved?

  • Contact a county, city or town chairperson or another committee member
  • Attend a committee meeting in your town or the county
  • Attend meetings of town boards, city councils, or the county legislature
  • Support the campaigns of local, county, state, and national Democratic candidates
  • Volunteer at the Democratic Committee Office to help get out mailings, make phone calls, work phone banks, distribute literature
  • Volunteer to be a Democratic Election Inspector or a Poll Watcher
  • Attend Democratic Committee social events and fund-raisers to hear political speakers and to meet other Democrats
  • Respond to fund-raiser appeals to help further the work of the Democratic Committee and its candidates in Dutchess County