Didi Barrett Shows Her Strength In Numbers

Hyde Park, NY July 15, 2010 – This week, Didi Barrett’s campaign delivered to the New York State Board of Elections ballot petitions with over 3,700 signatures — almost four times the required number to get on the ballot. In addition, the…

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A Family Tradition

Each year, starting Memorial Day weekend and continuing through the end of October, there is a Saturday morning tradition in the Barrett household: We go to the Millbrook Farmers Market. It is a weekly community ritual. Neighbors take the opportunity t…

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Alyssa Kogon for NY State Assembly 2010-05-07 07:27:56

As the common sense candidate, Alyssa Kogon knows there are easy solutions for some of the problems that are plaguing Dutchess County.
-No one should go to bed wondering whether their job will be there when they wake up.
-No one should have to make the…

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Alyssa Kogon for NY State Assembly 2010-04-30 21:22:42

As chairwoman of the Town of Clinton Democrats, former trustee of the Clinton Community Library and board member of a local non-profit E4 (a charitable organization), Alyssa is a community leader.  Alyssa is both a volunteer and professional in t…

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Alyssa Kogon for NY State Assembly 2010-04-30 20:54:03

Alyssa Kogon is a long time resident and small business owner in Dutchess County.  She has been an avid community activist and public servant in the Hudson Valley. Born January 26, 1961 in the Bronx, NY, Alyssa was raised in Westchester County an…

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