“As Democrats, we believe that good government exists to improve the quality of people’s lives by protecting equal rights, ensuring public safety, providing vital services, supporting economic development, and maintaining programs for the most vulnerable segments of the community. As Democrats, we pledge to act and speak with integrity and civility, always striving for common ground with those whose views are different.”

This is the mission statement of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee. They are not just words, they form the value system we live by and the worldview we strive for, every day.

It’s been a week since we learned the election results and most of us are still in pain, in shock, in disbelief and tears. This one was tough. There is no sugar coating it. But as always with every bad result there is some good. Congressman Sean Maloney and our three NYS Assembly Members Kevin Cahill, Frank Skartados and Didi Barrett were victorious and will fight on. New people stepped up to volunteer and so we made many new friends this campaign season. Even more have come forward since the election wanting to join us. (If you want to join or know of others who might, please contact your town committee chair, or email us with your physical address so we can connect you with the appropriate person.)

We are entering a precarious time in our nation and the world. We must be ever vigilant to protect our First Amendment rights. We must fight to keep our hard-fought protections. So we must put aside our despair, for we have a job to do. Let’s continue to work together, let’s welcome new members into our cause. Let’s do all that we can to turn our nation around, and that begins by painting Dutchess County blue.

Democrats, let’s do what we do best. Let’s roll up our sleeves and let’s get going!

As always, my thanks for all you do,


Elisa Sumner, chairwoman

Dutchess County Democratic Committee