Doug Raelson, Milan Town BoardWith the appointment and subsequent election of Doug Raelson, the town of Milan has 3 Democrats on the town board holding a majority position.

“I am happy to be at a stage where I can put my experience to work for our community as member of the Milan Town Board,” said Raelson, a practicing attorney for more than 40 years. “Most of us want to maintain Milan’s rural character and keep its land and water clean…. there is not a lot of development pressure on our town at the moment, but if growth becomes inevitable, we can manage it smartly and in a way that does not price out our local families,”

Raelson brings a valuable set of skills to the town board. A graduate of Dartmouth College and NYU Law School, he is experienced in land use and real estate issues and provides pro bono legal services to local environmental groups. Raelson is also active on the alternative energy source front involved with homeowners taking advantage of current government incentives when acquiring solar panels and advocating for the harnessing of wave energy at appropriate sites around the globe.

“I believe I can add my knowledge and skills to the board to both help preserve what is best about Milan and maintain a sound financial footing,” Raelson added.