Sen. Terry Gipson, and Assembly Members Didi Barrett and Frank Skartados joined New York’s Lieutenant Governor Candidate Kathy Hochul at Vassar College to rally in support of the full 10-point Women’s Equality Act, whose passage was blocked by Senate Republicans in this last term.

Terry said this to those in attendance demanding the act be passed in it’s entirety in 2015: “Every single one of you grab every single person you can when it comes time to vote on November 4 and get them out because if we do not succeed, if all of us up here on this stage do not succeed in November, this Women’s Equality Act is in great danger of not getting done and we just can’t take that risk,” Gipson says. “So we’re counting on you. We’ve got to get this done. Thank you for your support.”

Didi writes: “As a lifetime advocate for women and girls, I was also delighted to welcome Lieutenant Governor Candidate Kathy Hochul to the Hudson Valley today and join colleagues Senator Terry Gipson and Assemblymember Frank Skartados, students and community leaders for a rally at Vassar College to reaffirm our commitment to Women’s Equality in New York State. Later, Hyde Park Town Supervisor Aileen Rohr and I took (Kathy) for a quick tour of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s home Val-Kill, showcasing our region’s rich history of strong women leaders.”