— ALBANY, NY – New York State Senator Terry Gipson (D-Dutchess, Putnam) today stood with a bipartisan coalition of New York State Senators and Assemblymembers in support of legislation, S.1133/ A.7173, co-sponsored by Senator Gipson, that would strip pension benefits from public officials convicted of a felony in violation of the public trust.

“Taxpayers deserve accountability in the conduct of their state officials. New York State’s history proves there has been a serious lack of such accountability, and as newly elected State Senator I believe we need change.” said Senator Gipson. “This is common sense good government legislation.”

Currently, despite a history of corruption, there are no laws in New York State regarding the forfeiture of pension benefits by a state officer or local officer who has been convicted of a crime. This is true no matter how serious the offense or how grossly a state officer or local officer has abused his or her public position. This legislation would amend New York State’s constitution to provide that any state officer or local officer convicted of a felony involving breach of public trust be subject to forfeiture of pension benefits.

“The public’s trust must be earned, and this legislation is an important step towards earning that trust,” said Senator Gipson. “I look forward to working with my colleagues standing with me today to pass this important piece of legislation, and continue to support good government reform.”


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