— POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – New York State Senator Terry Gipson (D-Dutchess, Putnam) today announced that Governor Cuomo has signed into law a bill, S.1199, cosponsored by Senator Gipson, which authorizes school districts to grant veterans an exemption from their school taxes. Governor Cuomo also signed into law a bill, S.4170A, supported by Senator Gipson, which would exempt veterans from the sales and use motor vehicle tax upon returning to New York State and registering a vehicle purchased while on active service in another state.

“I commend Governor Cuomo for signing these common sense pieces of legislation that will reduce taxes for our veterans who have honorably served New York State and our nation,” said Senator Gipson. “As a member of the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Committee, I know how important it is to reduce the cost of living for our veterans so that they can afford to live and be positive role models in our communities.”

Currently, New York State property tax laws provide partial property tax exemptions to qualified veterans of the United States Military. However, this exemption is not applicable to school taxes. The legislation, S.1199, co-sponsored by Senator Gipson, authorizes the governing body of a school district, after public hearings and adoption of a resolution, to grant eligible veterans an exemption from their school taxes.

The second bill, S.4170A, addresses the financial hardship placed on many military service members returning to New York State after their service when they register their vehicle purchased while stationed in another state. Current tax law requires the payment of the sales and use motor vehicle tax on all vehicles purchased out of state. While existing law is necessary in preventing individuals from purchasing a vehicle in another state to purposely avoid paying New York State Sales tax, it places an unnecessary tax on those who have already paid taxes on their vehicle while selflessly serving our nation.

Added Senator Gipson: “Reducing taxes and the cost of living for our veterans and all New Yorkers is a top priority of mine. I’m proud to represent a community with such a strong tradition of military service.”


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