The following Democratic (or Democratic-endorsed) candidates in Dutchess County are seeking the INDEPENDENCE party line in the primary elections on 9/10/13 – so please ask your INDEPENDENCE party friends to GET OUT AND VOTE!

Dutchess County Family Judge
Lisa E. Rubenstein

Dutchess Legislature District 1
James R. Doxsey

Dutchess Legislature District 7
Richard E. Perkins Jr.

Dutchess Legislature District 14
Francena Amparo

Dutchess Legislature District 19
Debra W. Blalock

Dutchess Legislature District 24
Francis Gottron II

Hyde Park Town Council, Ward 1
Emily B. Svenson

Hyde Park Town Council, Ward 2
David P. Ray

Hyde Park Town Council, Ward 3
Hannah L. Behrens

Hyde Park Town Council, Ward 4
Kenneth Schneider

Hyde Park Town Supervisor
Aileen M. Rohr

Hyde Park Town Tax Collector
Cynthia C. Todd

Stanford Town Council
Mel Eiger

Stanford Town Supervisor
Virginia Stern

The following candidates are vying for the DEMOCRATIC ballot line in November in the primary elections 9/10/13.

Beacon City Council, Ward 2
Omar U. Harper
Charles P. Kelly

Dutchess Legislature District 9
Gwen C. Johnson
Stephen White

Poughkeepsie City Council, Ward 3

Robert Mallory
Kenneth D. Stickle

Poughkeepsie City Council, Ward 6

Fred Knapp Jr.
Sharon G. McClinton

Poughkeepsie City Council, Ward 7

Randall A. Johnson II
Zachary J. Martin


* information excerpted from the Poughkeepsie Journal 9/8/13.