— POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — Senator Terry Gipson spoke at the opening rededication of the newly renovated Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. The National Archives and Records Administration formally opened the Library’s new state-of-the-art permanent museum exhibits on Sunday, June 30th. These renovations are the first of the Library since it opened in 1941 when President Roosevelt spoke at the dedication on June 30th, 1941.

“President Roosevelt wanted more than a library. He wanted to promote the Hudson Valley, and he knew the best way to do that was to build something that would bring all the people here to experience the many opportunities this region has to offer,” said Senator Gipson.

The full-scale renovation of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum began in May 2010. The project consisted of two phases over three years with $35 million in federal funding and $6 million raised by the Roosevelt Institute which is a private, non-profit partner of the museum. The renovation raised the quality of the archives and museum to the current National Archives for Historical Preservation standards.

“The FDR Presidential Library and Museum is a magnet for tourism, economic commerce, and job creation. This building reminds us that if we want big things to happen…we have to think big and do big things. I look forward to working with the FDR library board and staff to do more big things for the Hudson Valley in the future,” concluded Senator Gipson.


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