Putting her hypocrisy on full display over the weekend, former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth applauded a stimulus project calling it “a giant step forward” for the Hudson Valley, despite previously saying the stimulus was “worthless” and had no “perceptible benefits” for the region.

“With Nan Hayworth desperate to look for accomplishments during her failed two years as a Tea Party Congresswoman, it’s no wonder she is scrambling to take credit for projects she opposed,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Folks from the Hudson Valley aren’t fooled by her empty rhetoric and know all too well that her extreme record will hurt middle class families, farmers and seniors.”

·        2013: Hayworth Applauded Stimulus Project While Attending Groundbreaking. In June 2013, Hayworth attended the groundbreaking for the construction of a transit hub on Civic Center Plaza in Poughkeepsie that was primarily funded through grants from the Federal Transit Administration and the stimulus. “At its heart this is about jobs,” Hayworth said of the project. [Poughkeepsie Journal, 6/15/13]

·         Hayworth Called Project “Giant Step Forward.” While speaking at the groundbreaking for the stimulus-funded Civic Center Plaza transit hub in Poughkeepsie, Hayworth called the project a “giant step forward” for the area.  [Hayworth remarks at Poughkeepsie Groundbreaking, YouTube Video, 6/14/13]
·         Hayworth Said Stimulus Had No “Perceptible Net Benefits” in District. In 2011, Hayworth said that the nearly trillion dollars that went into the stimulus bill “have not had perceptible net benefits for the Hudson Valley.” [Poughkeepsie Journal, 2/16/11]
·         Hayworth Tweeted That “Nobody in District 19” Has Noticed Stimulus Benefits. “Unhappy Anniversary! Guess the ‘stimulus’ benefits are kind of a stealth thing—nobody in District 19 has noticed them!” Hayworth tweeted. [“nanhayworth” on twitter.com, 2/17/10]
·         Hayworth Claimed the Federal Stimulus Was “Worthless.” Hayworth’s website criticized “an expensive ‘stimulus’ that has proven worthless.” [nanhayworth.com, accessed 1/06/10]

·         As of June 2013, the 18th District Received Over $289 Million in Stimulus Funds. As of June 18th, 2013, New York’s 18th Congressional District received $289,768,083 in stimulus funds, according to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. [recovery.gov, accessed 6/18/13]