— ALBANY, NY — Senator Terry Gipson (D-Rhinebeck) today announced the passage of legislation that will make it easier for veterans and volunteer first responders to receive tax relief. 

“I’m proud to have voted to make it more affordable for veterans and volunteer first responders to live in our communities,” Senator Gipson said. “Everyone in Dutchess and Putnam Counties benefits when we make it easier for these outstanding men and women to remain in their homes.”

The legislation is:

S2090  – Allows for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers to receive two tax credits – both the volunteer tax credit (a $200 NYS personal income tax credit) and also a local real property tax exemption as authorized by the real property tax law. Under current tax law, these citizens had been precluded from receiving both types of tax credits.

S3731 – Amends the real property tax law to eliminate the ten-year duration limit on the real property tax exemption for Cold War veterans.

S3931 – Allows military members currently serving on active duty to file for the alternative veterans’ property tax exemption at the taxable status date instead of requiring that they wait until their service ends.

S1435 – Allows municipalities to grant an additional combat veteran real property tax exemption to those who have been discharged from the service after reenlisting or being recalled to active duty, and discharged again.

“These brave women and men who sacrifice so much deserve our greatest appreciation.  I hope that we can continue to work towards bringing more tax relief to all New Yorkers,” Senator Gipson concluded.


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