— POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — Senator Terry Gipson (D-Rhinebeck) today announced legislation that he cosponsored which will give disabled veterans access to the Affordable Home Ownership Development Program (AHODP) has passed the Senate.

“When our veterans become disabled through service to our country, they sacrifice their health and well-being to preserve ours,” Senator Gipson said. “It is fitting and proper to give them access to affordable home ownership when they return home.”

The legislation, S.4287, establishes priority access to the AHODP for any veteran with a Veterans Administration disability rating of 40% or higher that resulted from military service in the line of duty. The program subsidizes qualified buyers for the purchase of a new or existing single family home. Previously, eligibility was determined solely on the income level of applicants.

“These brave men and women who fought for our freedoms and suffered as a result have earned our respect and appreciation. The least we can do for these American heroes is ensure their quality of life when they return home,” Senator Gipson concluded.


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