Released 4/15/13:

Bills Would Limit Use of Campaign Money and Strip Pensions of Any Official Who Breaches Public Trust — Also Announces Support of Governor’s Legislative Ethics Package.

ALBANY, NY — The Senate Democratic Conference today unveiled a tough legislative ethics package designed to reform state government and combat the ongoing corruption issues facing New York State. The Conference also announced their support for the principles of the Governor’s legislative package the “New York Public Trust Act.” Senator Terry Gipson (D-Rhinebeck) is the principal sponsor of legislation that would strengthen regulations regarding the use of campaign money. Senator Gipson has previously sponsored legislation to prohibit the use of official position for political fundraising along with closing loopholes in campaign finance law that unfairly benefit large corporations.

“For too long unethical politicians have used their campaign accounts as personal ATMs and defrauded the public as a result,” Senator Terry Gipson said. “Closing the current loopholes in legislation governing campaign funds is a common sense way to ensure these accounts are no longer utilized for non-campaign related payments. Other legislation included in the ethics package:

  • Retroactively strip pension benefits from any state or local official convicted of a felony involving breach of public trust.
  • Outlaw the use of campaign money for criminal defense.
  • Require that campaign contribution disclosure reports to the State Board of Elections state whether the contributor is a lobbyist.
  • Require elected officials to post campaign donation information on their websites

“The public has a right to know how every dollar is spent on political campaigns and I urge all of my colleagues to join me in supporting this legislation,” Senator Gipson concluded.


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