State Assemblyman Joel Miller, R-Poughkeepsie, couldn’t be bothered to return from his fancy Palm Beach vacation. He did not return to Albany for a Special Assembly session to vote on legislation that would only be helpful to all of his constituents here in Dutchess County. That’s right. Mr. Miller does not support new legislation that will not only tax our wealthiest residents their fair share, but also lower taxes on the middle and lower classes. Instead, Assemblyman Miller lounged by the pool, sipping his piña colada, while our hard-working families slave away to pay their bills and taxes.

Apparently, our representative doesn’t like the idea of fair taxation. He thinks wealthy individuals, like himself, deserve special consideration. After all, we need rich politicians, like Mr. Miller, to keep those expensive Palm Beach hotels busy.

This attitude is exactly why I am throwing my hat in the ring again in 2012 for Miller’s assembly seat. It’s time for a new voice that actually represents the hard working people of Dutchess County, instead of insulting them.

Alyssa Kogon
Candidate for New York State Assembly