(Poughkeepsie, NY)  Dutchess County Democratic Committee Chair Elisa Sumner is calling on Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro, candidate for Dutchess County Executive, to vote to end discrimination in New York State by supporting the Marriage Equality bill being considered by the State Legislature.

“Marriage equality is the most important civil rights issue in a generation and It is time for Assemblyman Molinaro to tell the people of Dutchess County where he stands on this law,”  said Sumner.

“The recent resolution passed by the New York State Conservative Party threatening to withhold its endorsement of any candidate or elected official who supports gay marriage is outright advocacy of discrimination,” said Sumner.  “No level of government or political party in the 21st century United States should be legislating or advocating discrimination against any of our citizens.  I am deeply disturbed that Mr. Molinaro would accept the endorsement of the Conservative Party whose platform includes prohibition of people’s civil liberties.”

Sumner added, “Mr. Molinaro, who was absent for the vote on marriage equality in May 2009 (Bill no. A07732), voted against Marriage Equality in December of the same year (Bill no. A40003). Now, as a candidate for Dutchess County Executive, he is telling some voters he supports gay marriage.   If he supports marriage equality then Molinaro should reject the Conservative Party endorsement.

“Molinaro should come clean and tell everyone how he plans on voting when this bill comes again to the floor of the Assembly.  This is a time for leadership, not pandering.

“Does Molinaro want to lead our county with the support of a political party whose platform mandates discrimination?” concluded Sumner.

For more information, contact Elisa Sumner at 845-797-9042 or chair@dutchessdems.com.