The Poughkeepsie Journal covered U.S. Rep. Nan Hayworth’s talk with business leaders (“Hayworth talks business with local leaders, Feb. 4).

In the article the congresswoman stated the following: “If you look at the expenditures in the so-called stimulus — nearly a trillion dollars that have not had perceptible net benefits for the Hudson Valley.” She also said the new laws on health care and financial regulation are problems.

As a citizen in her district I disagree on all three counts.

The stimulus has helped Hudson Valley residents. It was used to balance local and school budgets, therefore saving tax dollars and jobs. In fact, in Fishkill, where the congresswoman campaigned and fundraised, the stimulus saved Fishkill taxpayers more than $700,000 in financing for the Rombout sewer project along Route 9, according to Republican Supervisor Joan Pagones.

The congresswoman then attacks financial reform. Does anybody know why we went into a Great Recession? It amazes me that she wants to go back to those policies that created the mess we are in.

Hayworth also attacks “Obamacare.” Well, I am no fan of “Obamacare,” but it’s a start. The congresswoman ran on a promise to “repeal and replace” the health-care law. She voted for repeal without a replacement.

As a doctor, she took a Hippocratic Oath, I assume. She voted to allow insurance companies to deny you for pre-existing conditions. She wants the so-called Medicare “doughnut hole” brought back, so seniors can pay more. She wants your children off your coverage. What kind of doctor does this?