This letter to the editor appeared in the Poughkeepsie Journal and Kingston Daily Freeman.

Barrett would bring positive change

The first time I heard Didi Barrett speak, I knew that she had my vote. Her wisdom, integrity and positive spirit are just what we need to take Albany in a new direction. It has been a long time since a Democrat represented the 41st Senate District, and Ms. Barrett is definitely the right person for the job.

The more I’ve learned about Didi Barrett, the more impressed I have become. A proven problem-solver, Ms. Barrett has devoted her career to developing creative, collaborative approaches to the issues affecting women and youth. As a state senator, she will push for innovative solutions to creating jobs, lowering property taxes and making sure education is both top-quality and affordable for all. She will fight on our behalf for marriage equality and women’s rights.

Perhaps most impressive is Ms. Barrett’s commitment to the Hudson Valley’s unique natural and cultural heritage. She understands that economic development can and must go hand-in-hand with supporting our local farmers and safeguarding our precious natural resources. With her leadership, we can create a future where young people can find great jobs and seniors can afford to keep their homes in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

It’s a tall order, but Didi Barrett has the enthusiasm and experience to make a real difference in Albany. I will be casting my vote for her proudly on Nov. 2.

Emily Svenson

Hyde Park