POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – Yesterday evening, Dutchess County Democrats held their annual Salute to Labor Dinner at Christo’s in Poughkeepsie. They honored local union men and women who have made a difference in their community and their workplace. The honorees were: Ron Diaz, Debra Daniels, Dave Williams, Billy Riccaldo, and Patrick McCarthy.

The Keynote speaker was Democratic Attorney General candidate Eric Schneiderman. Guest speakers also included Congressman John Hall (NY-19) and Charlie King, Executive Director of the NYS Democratic Committee, who rallied attendees to turn out the vote in the upcoming Election.

“We were honored to welcome Senator Schneiderman, a true reformer and people’s advocate. He will be a great Attorney General, following on in the tradition of our current outstanding AG, Andrew Cuomo. We have wonderful candidates and now we must work to get out the vote in November. If Democrats don’t come out to the polls on Election Day, we will have no one but ourselves to blame if we wake up to a newly elected Governor Paladino and a rubber stamp Republican State Senate,” said Elisa Sumner, chairwoman of the Dutchess County Democratic Committee.

Local candidates included:

Assemblyman Frank Skartados, 100th State Assembly

Didi Barrett – running for the 41st State Senate

Alyssa Kogon – running for the 102nd State Assembly

Susan Tooker – running for the 103rd State Assembly

David Steinberg – running for one of two County Judge seats

Marco Caviglia – running for one of two County Judge seats

For additional information, contact Pat Kelly at 845-325-2659 or Pat.Kelly.RH@gmail.com