Four candidates running in the Democratic primary this fall for NYS Attorney General appeared last Saturday at Tymor Park in a debate organized by the Dutchess County Democratic Committee. Each made their case for why they should be the next Attorney General. Collegial and respectful, it was informative and entertaining for all who attended.

Also attending was Tim Foley to discuss the new healthcare reform law and NY State Senate Candidate Didi Barrett (41st Dist), NY State Assembly Candidate Alyssa Kogon (102nd Dist) and NY State Assembly Candidate Susan Tooker (103rd Dist).

0:00:00 – Introduction by Dutchess County Chair Elisa Sumner
0:01:30 – Mark Hoops on the History and Role of the Attorney General
0:06:45 – Gary Levine introduces AG Candidates (Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, Sean Coffey, Eric Dinallo, State Senator Eric Schneiderman)
0:10:00 – Q: Opening statements and introductions.
0:23:15 – Q: What is your vision for the AG Office?
0:32:35 – Q: How would you propose using the AG Office to affect public policy (supporting initiatives, reform, etc)?
0:42:00 – Q: Opportunity to respond to any prior comments.
0:52:00 – Q: A question regarding a change to the Organ Donation Law and presumed consent.
0:55:30 – Q: Should we have a Constitutional Convention for New York State?
1:01:15 – Q: Can we use the Investor Protection Bureau and how it could be used to protect individual investors from smaller scale fraud?
1:10:50 – Q: What role would the AG office play in the marcellus shale hydrofracking issue?
1:19:00 – Q: Is there any way for the AG’s office to foster additional independent media voices?
1:24:10 – Q: Does the AG have any impact on the cost of higher education?
1:30:55 – Q: Will you support the primary winner?
1:31:25 – Q: Closing Statements

Video Credits
Videography: Kristofer Munn
Editing and Post-Production: Barbara Hugo