As the common sense candidate, Alyssa Kogon knows there are easy solutions for some of the problems that are plaguing Dutchess County.

-No one should go to bed wondering whether their job will be there when they wake up.

-No one should have to make the choice of paying their taxes over putting  food on the table.

-No one should send their child off to school wondering if they are getting the quality education they are entitled to.

By partially repealing the Stock Transfer Tax Rebate, New York  State could virtually solve all of their economic problems.  Every year, a tax is collected by New York State on all shares of stock that are traded.  The rate is 5 cents per share.  What happens to this money you may wonder?   New York State  gives it back to Wall Street!  This year alone, 16 BILLION DOLLARS was handed back to the very same Wall Street that we as taxpayers just bailed out.  This money is used for such things as bonuses for the executives who are already making huge salaries.  If only a small portion of this rebate were kept by New York State, the fiscal deficit could be wiped out in just a few years time.  In fact, until 1983 New York State did keep all or part of this rebate.  Also, it is not a new tax.  It has been in existence since the early 1900’s.  By holding back just twenty percent of this tax for a few years, New York State could keep our schools running as they should be, keep property taxes down, and pay off their loans.  All of this, without squeezing more money from our over taxed citizens.  It’s time to Repeal The Rebate!