On Friday, the Dutchess County Democrats presented $1000 in gathered contributions to Willis McCree of the Dutchess County Red Cross, earmarked for earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

“We collected this from our members at our last meeting – I am so proud to be a representative of such a generous group of people. We were honored to be able to help such a hard-working local organization as the Dutchess County Red Cross,” said Elisa Sumner, Chair of the Dutchess County Democrats.

“Every little bit helps provide food and shelter as Haiti rebuilds. More important than what we were able to collect is that more people follow our example and are inspired to give. Even as our economy struggles in America, we need to recognize that we are blessed with more prosperity than many neighboring countries,” said Martin Dubinski of East Fishkill, who spearheaded the effort.

The Dutchess County Red Cross can be reached at 845-471-0200, or www.dutchessredcross.org.

Donations can be made online.

For more information, contact Pat Kelly at 845-325-2659 or Pat.Kelly.RH@gmail.com. Thank you to Barbara Hugo for the photographs.